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Each project is made of many parts. Besides the cost of the researchers, lab equipment and popularization activities are needed.

That’s why we divided each project in smaller parts, so that by putting together each little effort we can build up a whole bigger project, a whole bigger project.

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  • 1 coupon
    1 coupon
    Value: 50 euros
  • 1 analisi chimica
    1 chemical analysis
    Value: 250 euros
  • 1 researcher
    1 researcher
    Value: 400 euros
  • 1 day of research
    1 day of research
    Value: 600 euros
  • DNA research
    DNA research
    Value: 1000 euros
  • Staff and equipment
    Staff and equipment
    Value: 10.000 euros
  • Voglio essere informato
    I want to be informed

Project :

chromosome 17b

See description

Project :

GSF genetics

See description

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After each donation, we’ll take care of sending you a receipt for your tax return. Please specify the donor’s data and email while making the donation. Adopting a project: the Foundation promotes research also by supporting ongoing projects in the most renowned centres of cure and research on GSF..