• Prof Alberto Edefonti

  • Dr Luca Nicola Romano

  • Mr Antonio Romano

  • Mr Pietro Romano

  • Mr Mario Romano

  • Mrs Alice Santina Sirtori

  • President: Mr Pietro Romano
    Treasurer: Mr Mario Romano


the foundation “la nuova speranza lotta alla sclerosi focale onlus” (“new hope, fight against the focal sclerosis”) was set up to give a real and strong impulse to the study of this rare disease, for which there isn’t any effective cure yet.

up till now, people affected by it - most of whom are children – are forced to undergo long and demanding treatments and sometimes to be subjected to dialysis, clearly to the prejudice of the quality of their lives. 

our goal is to defeat renal diseases and in particular the focal glomerulosclerosis (that’s our “hope”) by supporting scientific research and by promoting valid scientific and cultural projects.

because quality is a priority for us, the activity of the foundation will be addressed to highly specialized projects of research and treatment, also working together with public and private organizations, which are already supporting ongoing research in this area.  

one of our tasks is also to encourage cooperation among the various research centres, in order to connect all the potentials and resources needed to achieve our aim.

we will be rewarded for our effort only if we work in this way.

obviously, it will be a long and difficult way to the final victory, but we know our effort and yours will pay off.

The President
Pietro Romano