We need your support to succeed in finding an effective therapy to defeat this terrible disease, which affects mainly children.

Help us improving the life of many, even if rare!

A click is enough to support us To offer your donation online you just have to click the paypal buttons and follow the instructions. You need to open an account and register your credit card .



Or in the traditional way :


Bank transfer:

C/C N° 5000 - LA NUOVA SPERANZA AB I052162 - CAB 20503
IBAN IT95F0521620503000000005000


After your donation, we'll take care of sending you a receipt for your tax return.

Please specify your name and postal address while making the donation



When filling your tax return in, please choose to donate the 5 thousandth of your income tax to our foundation, by specifying :

codice fiscale 97 40 38 00 150
and by putting you signature under the option for voluntary service and ONLUS